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Guðrún Árnadóttir is the developer of the A-ONE instrument and author of the book The Brain and Behavior: Assessing Cortical Dysfunction through Activities of Daily Living. She has also authored several published book chapters and peer reviewed journal articles. Her work in occupational therapy includes clinical work as well as developing, teaching and coordinating A-ONE courses in different countries and continents. She has worked as an Associate professor at University of Akureyri, Iceland and is an Associate professor of clinical occupational therapy at Faculty of Medicine, University of Iceland. Her present position within the department of occupational therapy at Landspítali University hospital, Iceland is focused on professional development and research. She studied occupational therapy in Manitoba, Canada at an undergraduate level, obtained her Masters degree in occupational therapy at University of Southern California in Los Angeles, USA and a doctoral degree in occupational therapy from Umeå University in Sweden. She has received several grants and awards during her carrier including “The American Occupational Therapy Association Recognition of Achievement Award for „Recognition of contributions as theorist, researcher, educator, clinician, activist and academic writer“.


Guðrún Árnadóttir


Glen Gillen is Professor at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. Glen is best known in the community for his contribution to the literature, the textbook Stroke Rehabilitation: A Function-Based Approach now in its fourth edition and Cognitive and Perceptual Rehabilitation: Optimizing Function. He has recently co-edited the 12th edition of Willard & Spackman’s Occupational Therapy. He has over 100 publications including chapters, books, and peer reviewed publications. A past recipient of AOTF’s Award for Clinical Excellence in Rehabilitation and AOTA’s Recognition of Achievement Award, Glen lectures extensively on the local, state, national, and university level regarding multiple topics related to neurorehabilitation. He maintains a clinical caseload working in the areas of acute care and inpatient rehabilitation. Glen was the recipient of the 2012 Eleanor Clarke Slagle Lecture and delivered the lecture in San Diego in 2013. The lectureship honors a member of the AOTA who has creatively contributed to the development of the body of knowledge of the profession through research, education, and/or clinical practice.


Valerie is head occupational therapist for „Sjálfsbjörg“, the Icelandic association of people with physical disabilities. Sjálfsbjörg offers long-term rehabilitation services to individuals living in the community and in serviced accommodation. Valerie is a part time lecturer at the University of Akureyri, teaching in the undergraduate occupational therapy program and has previously taught in the undergraduate program at La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia. She completed her undergraduate studies at La Trobe University and a Masters degree from Florida International University, USA.  Valerie´s main areas of interest are rehabilitation of adults with neurological problems, support for caregivers and clinical reasoning. Valerie completed her A-ONE certification in 1991 and has been an A-ONE instructor from 2003. She is responsible for A-ONE courses in English speaking countries other than North America.



Glen Gillen


Valerie J. Harris


Esther Steultjens PhD is an occupational therapy researcher with a degree in Neuropsychology as well. She is A-ONE certified since 1993 and translated, validated, and implemented the A-ONE-NL in the Netherlands since her training as an A-ONE teacher (1995-1999) and A-ONE teacher for the Dutch language areas since 1999. Esther works as an associate professor in Neurorehabilitation at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, Nijmegen, The Netherlands and executes studies on participation, occupational performance and cognitive rehabilitation for people with acquired brain damage. She has extensive knowledge about the effectiveness of occupational therapy and evidence-based practice. Her publications on these topics can be found in the literature databases Pubmed and Cinalh.

Eva Ejlersen Wæhrens PhD is an occupational therapy researcher at the Parker Institute at Copenhagen University Hospital Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg and associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark.

She was A-ONE certified in 1991 and has been responsible for planning annual A-ONE course in Denmark since then. After finalizing training as A-ONE instructor (1997-2000), she has been teaching the course in Danish. Furthermore, she was responsible for translation of the A-ONE conceptual definitions of neurobehavioral dysfunctions into Danish as to establish a common language among Danish occupational therapists.

Eva has extensive experience in employing the A-ONE among persons with a variety neurologic diseases or injuries including TBI, stroke and dementia during clinical work (1991-2004).  She is the co-editor of a textbook on “Neurology and Neurorehabilitation for occupational and physical therapists“ (Munksgaard company).

Her main field of research concerns the ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL) and how to assess and measure this through self-report and observation.


Esther Steultjens


Eva Wæhrens


Trainees in the A-ONE instructor training porgram

Italian trainees: Patrizia Ianes and Rossella Ghensi

Patrizia teaching

Rossella lecturing

Patrizia bringing pizza after the first Italian course in Verona. Ester Steultjens was one of the lecturers during the course

Japanese trainees: Asako Matsubara, Koji Nishikawa, Higashi Yasuhiro, Hayashi Tatsuhiro and Akihido Kondo

Four of the Japanese trainees together with professor Hideki Miaguchi from Hiroshima University, Valerie and Guðrún

Dr. Matsubara preparing with Guðrún and Valerie

A-ONE in Japanese introduced by Nishikawa

Yasuhiro teaching

S-Korean trainees: Kim Hee, Ji-Hyuk Park, Myung Ja Kong and  Yumi Ju

A-ONE seminar organizers 2014

Dr. Park translating Guðrún's lecture

Kim Hee translating for Valerie